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44th Edition
when:January 22nd - February 1st, 2015
address:Karel Doormanstraat 278-B
3012 GP Rotterdam
The Netherlands
tel:+31 10 8909090
fax:+31 10 8909091
web site:www.filmfestivalrotterdam...
deadline:October 1st, 2014 (shorts)
November 1st, 2014 (features)
entry form:Iscrizione Online


The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) offers a quality selection of independent, innovative and experimental cinema, video and media art. During twelve festival days, hundreds of filmmakers and other artists present their work to a large audience (2010: 353,000 admissions) and 3,000 film professionals in 25 screening rooms on 8 festival venues.
Reflecting the ambitions of the IFFR towards supporting upcoming cinematographers, main prizes handed out during the festival go to films as well as to film projects. Eligible films are feature length works selected in the Tiger Awards Competition for first and second films (three equal Tiger Awards of each 15,000 Euro) and short films selected in the Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films (three equal Tiger Awards for Short Film of each 5,000 Euro). Other juried prizes are the FIPRESCI, KNF, NETPAC and MovieSquad Awards given to Best Film in Competition, Best Film not yet acquired for Dutch distribution, Best Asian Film and Best Young People’s Film respectively. One of the competing short films will become the Rotterdam Short Film Nominee for the European Film Academy. Audience votes decide which filmmakers will be distinguished with the IFFR Audience Award (10,000 Euro for Best Film in Official Selection) and the Dioraphte Award (15,000 Euro for Best Hubert Bals Fund supported film in Official Selection). Film projects selected for CineMart 2011 may be distinguished with the ARTE France Cinema Award and the Prince Claus Fund Film Grant.
ANIMALS BLESSING, THE by Cosimo Terlizzi: Spectrum Shorts
BLOOD IN BAHIA'S HOT by Aurelio Grimaldi: Spectrum
CASTELLO CAVALCANTI by Wes Anderson: Spectrum Shorts
EU 013, THE LAST FRONTIER by Alessio Genovese: EU-29
I AM A PART OF THE PROBLEM by canecapovolto: Spectrum Shorts
ISTINTOBRASS by Massimiliano Zanin: Signals: Regained
LACK - HELL by Stefano Odoardi: Spectrum
LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT by Marco Santarelli: Spectrum
ON THE 5TH APRIL I’LL KILL MYSELF by Sergio Canneto: Spectrum Shorts
PROFEZIA - L'AFRICA DI PASOLINI by Gianni Borgna, Enrico Menduni: EU-29
RAFFAEL'S WAY by Alessandro Falco: Spectrum Shorts
REDEMPTION by Miguel Gomes: Signals: Grand Tour
SACRO GRA by Gianfranco Rosi: Signals: Grand Tour
SMALL HOMELAND by Alessandro Rossetto: Spectrum
STOP THE POUNDING HEART by Roberto Minervini: Spectrum
TRENTO SYMPHONIA by Flatform: Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films
DA VINCI by Yuri Ancarani: Tiger Award Competition for Short Films
ELECTRIC CHAIR by Monica Strambini: Spectrum
FUTURE, THE by Alicia Scherson: Spectrum - KNF Award
KING, THE by Giovanni Columbu: Hivos Tiger Awards Competition
LOW TIDE by Roberto Minervini: Regained
ME AND YOU by Bernardo Bertolucci: Spectrum
PRETTY BUTTERFLIES by Salvatore Mereu: Spectrum - Big Screen Award
REALITY by Matteo Garrone: Spectrum
ABOUT KILLING THE PIG by Simone Massi: Short Films
JOULE by David Zamagni, Nadia Ranocchi: Short Films
LAST MAN ON EARTH, THE by Gianni Pacinotti aka Gipi: Bright Future
LEGEND OF KASPAR HAUSER, THE by Davide Manuli: Spectrum
MY BIG-ASSED MOTHER by Tekla Taidelli: Short Films
PIATTAFORMA LUNA by Yuri Ancarani: Short Films
PLACE TO COME, A by Flatform: Short Films
SILENZIO DI PELESJAN, IL by Pietro Marcello: Regained
SUMMER OF GIACOMO by Alessandro Comodin: Bright Future
BEIJING DOUBLE HAPPINESS by Sergio Ponzio, Cristina Nisticò: Spectrum Shorts
BUTTERFLY - WAITING by Tonino De Bernardi: Spectrum
GARDEN OF HOPE, THE by Antonello Faretta: Spectrum Shorts
I AM JESUS by Valerie Gudenus, Heloisa Sartorato: Bright Future
LOVE IS IN THE AIR by Werther Germondari, Maria Laura Spagnoli: Shorts
NOSTRA VITA, LA by Daniele Luchetti: Spectrum
57.600 SECONDS OF INVISIBLE NIGHT AND LIGHT by Flatform: Roberto Taroni, Annamaria Martena: Spectrum-Shorts
DOOR, THE by Piero Messina: Spectrum short
EMPIRICAL EFFECT by Rosa Barba: Tiger Awards Competitie Short Films
I KNOW THERE'S A MAN by Gianclaudio Cappai: RE: Reloaded
LIKE A MAN ON THE EARTH by Andrea Segre, Dagmawi Yimer: Signals - Where Is Africa
VEDOZERO by Andrea Caccia: RE: Reloaded
29 FEBBRAIO by Stefano Pari: Spectrum: Shorts
BIRDWATCHERS by Marco Bechis: Spectrum
CHI SI FERMA É PERDUTO by Giacomo Cesari: Spectrum: Shorts
DIVO, IL by Paolo Sorrentino: Spectrum
GOMORRAH by Matteo Garrone: Spectrum
GOSTANZA DA LIBBIANO by Paolo Benvenuti: Signals: Paolo Benvenuti
HEADLESS WOMAN, THE by Lucretia Martel: Spectrum
MACHAN by Uberto Pasolini: Spectrum
MID-AUGUST LUNCH by Gianni di Gregorio: Spectrum
PANE/PIAZZA DELLE CAMELIE by Tonino De Bernardi: Spectrum
PUCCINI AND THE GIRL by Paolo Benvenuti: Signals: Paolo Benvenuti
SECRET FILE by Paolo Benvenuti: Signals: Paolo Benvenuti
SUNDAY 6TH APRIL, 11:42 A.M. by Flatform: Spectrum: Shorts
UNDERCOVER MAN, THE by Rossella Biscotti: Spectrum: Shorts
WEG NACH RIO by Lukas Tiberio Klopfenstein: Spectrum: Shorts
ALONG THE RIDGE by Kim Rossi Stuart: Robeco Filmdag
AMOURS D’ASTRÉE ET DE CÉLADON, LES by Eric Rohmer: Kings & Aces
BIÙTIFUL CAUNTRI by Esmeralda Calabria, Andrea D'Ambrosio, Peppe Ruggiero: International Premieres: Time & Tide
ESTÔMAGO by Marcos Jorge: Sturm und Drang
MEDEA MIRACLE by Tonino De Bernardi: Kings & Aces
MY BROTHER IS AN ONLY CHILD by Daniele Luchetti: Time & Tide
ONE HUNDRED NAILS by Ermanno Olmi: Kings & Aces
ORA DI PUNTA, L' by Vincenzo Marra: European Premieres: Time & Tide
ALONG THE RIDGE by Kim Rossi Stuart: Sturm und Drang
BORN AND BRED by Pablo Trapero: Cinema of the World: Time & Tide
COVER BOY by Carmine Amoroso: Sturm und Drang
FAIR TRADE by Nora Hoppe: In Competition
FRAGMENTS OF CINEMA AND PHILOSOPHY by Stefano Francia di Celle, Ciro Giorgini, Enrico Ghezzi: Cinema Regained
GOLDEN DOOR, THE by Emanuele Crialese: Cinema of the World: Time & Tide
IERI by Luca Scivoletto: Short: As Long As It Takes
PRIVATE FEARS IN PUBLIC PLACES by Alain Resnais: Kings & Aces
SAO PAULO_CITYTELLERS by Francesco Jodice: Short: As Long As It Takes
TEN CANOES by Rolf de Heer: Cinema of the World: Time & Tide
TRANCE by Teresa Villaverde: Cinema of the World: Time & Tide
WHITE BALLAD by Stefano Odoardi: Sturm und Drang
CARAVAGGIO, THE LAST ACT by Mario Martone: Vita Brevis
DISTURBING RELIGION by Massimiliano "Maci" Verdesca: Short: As Long As It Takes
FIVE COFFEES by Werther Germondari, Maria Laura Spagnoli: Short: As Long As It Takes
GABRIELLE by Patrice Chéreau: Kings & Aces
HIDDEN by Michael Haneke: Kings & Aces
MARY by Abel Ferrara: Kings & Aces
PAST PRESENT, LAY ANGELS FALL by Tonino De Bernardi: Kings & Aces
SILENT OF THE SKYLARK by David Ballerini: Vita Brevis
SITE SPECIFIC_LAS VEGAS 05 by Olivo Barbieri: Short: As Long As It Takes
SITE SPECIFIC_ROMA 04 by Olivo Barbieri: Short: As Long As It Takes
SUN, THE by Aleksandr Sokurov: Vita Brevis
SUNDAY AFTERNOON by Gaia Adducchio: Short: As Long As It Takes
VIVA ZAPATERO! by Sabina Guzzanti: Time & Tide
ZAKARIA by Gianluca De Serio, Massimiliano De Serio: Short: As Long As It Takes
2046 by Wong Kar-Wai: Maestros: Kings & Aces
ARAL - FISHING IN AN INVISIBLE SEA by Carlos Casas, Saodat Ismailova: Short Film: Four Times Italy
CHANGING DESTINY by Daniele Gaglianone: VPRO Tiger Awards
CONSEQUENCES OF LOVE, THE by Paolo Sorrentino: Cinema of the Future
FARE BENE MIKLES by Christian Angeli: Special Mention
HOLY GIRL, THE by Lucrecia Martel: Cinema of the Future
HOUSE KEYS, THE by Gianni Amelio: Maestros: Kings & Aces
HOW WE GOT THE ITALIAN MOVIE BUSINESS INTO TROUBLE by Daniele Ciprí, Franco Maresco: Cinema Regained
JOURNEY, THE by Edoardo Winspeare: Short Film: Four Times Italy
LAND WIND by Vincenzo Marra: Cinema of the World
MARLENE DE SOUSA by Tonino De Bernardi: Maestros: Kings & Aces
OH! UOMO by Yervant Gianikian, Angela Ricci Lucchi: Cinema Regained
PRIVATE by Saverio Costanzo: Cinema of the World
SITE SPECIFIC_ROMA 04 by Olivo Barbieri: Short Films
WAVES by Francesco Fei: In Competition
BEST OF YOUTH, THE by Marco Tullio Giordana: Audience Award
CATERINA IN THE BIG CITY by Paolo Virzì: Panorama
DONO, IL by Michelangelo Frammartino: Panorama
ISOLA, L' by Costanza Quatriglio: Panorama
MISTRESS AND MAID by Tonino De Bernardi: Panorama
RETURN OF CAGLIOSTRO, THE by Daniele Ciprì, Franco Maresco: Panorama
TAKE ME AWAY by Tonino Zangardi: Panorama
THREE STEPS DANCING by Salvatore Mereu: In Competition
ANGEL ON THE RIGHT SHOULDER, THE by Djamshed Usmonov: Hubert Bals Fonds Harvest
ANGELA by Roberta Torre: Main Programme
BEST DAY OF MY LIFE, THE by Cristina Comencini: Main Programme
CONCRETE LEAVES by Fabio Sonzogni
EMBALMER, THE by Matteo Garrone: Main Programme
GRAZIA'S ISLAND by Emanuele Crialese: Main Programme
LEI by Tonino De Bernardi: True Stories
MONDO D'AMORE, UN by Aurelio Grimaldi: Main Programme
ROSA FUNZECA by Aurelio Grimaldi: Main Programme
THREE MARIAS, THE by Aluizio Abranches: Hubert Bals Fonds Harvest
HOTEL by Mike Figgis: Out of Competition
MY VOYAGE IN ITALY by Martin Scorsese: Out of Competition
NO MAN'S LAND by Danis Tanovic: Canal + Audience Award
PROFESSION OF ARMS, THE by Ermanno Olmi: Out of Competition
SAILING HOME by Vincenzo Marra: Out of Competition
SAINT MARADONA by Marco Ponti: Out of Competition
SECRET BALLOT by Babak Payami: NETPAC Award: Special Mention
STRIKE A LIGHT by Giovanna Sonnino: Out of Competition
WORKINGTHESTREETS by Tonino De Bernardi: Out of Competition

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