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21 February 2018

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International short films competition

address:Associazione Lago di Como Film Festival
Via Manzoni 22 - IT-22100 Como

The competition is open to young authors, who will have to make a short fiction on the territory of Lake Como, exploiting location and local human resources.
The event is promoted as part of the Lake Como Film Festival, by Region Lombardy, the Chamber of Commerce of Como, the Municipality of Como.
FILMLAKERS will see the crews engaged from 10 July to 16 July 2017, when there will be the awards ceremony (dates may be postponed). FILMLAKERS aims to represent a moment of encounter and sharing between different cultural realities, to discover new authors and new stories, which enhance the natural, architectural and human territory in the Como area.
Each film will have to exploit the territory and its landscape. Crews will produce short fiction films of set in different towns in the province of Como.
Lake Como Film Festival selection committee will select troupes, based on showreels received no later than 10 June 2017. The showreels must be uploaded in personal youtube or vimeo channels and the link will be sent attached to the registration form.
The organization will notify the invitation to the crews selected by email. Selection committee decisions are unquestionable.
The films will be judged by a professional jury that will award a cash prize of € 1.500,00 keeping in consideration the following features:
— Territory promotion
— Involvement of the host community
— Actors’ performances
— Subject treatment
— Technical and formal quality
— Originality and good use of the film genre codes.
During the screening night will be delivered a People’s Choice Award, worth € 1.500,00.
The jury may also give special mentions for outstanding achievements.