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18 January 2019

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Firenze FilmCorti International Festival

6th Edition Rive Gauche Festival

Firenze FilmCorti International Festival

where:Florence, Italy
when:May 30th - June 2nd, 2019
address:Via Michele Giuliotti, 3
IT-50135 Firenze
deadline:April 30th, 2019
entry form:Online Regulations

The Festival aims at promoting the collaboration and competition between young directors
Section 1 – Short Films
Section 2 – Original Screenplay
Short films should not be longer than 40 minutes, included film credits.
Each original Screenplay should be no longer than 200 pages
The following prizes will be awarded:
Section 1
First prize for best  short film: € 300 Voucher for video production equipment , a work by a local artist, and a personalized plaque.
Prize for best director:  A work by a local artist and a personalized plaque.
Prize for best script: personalized award
Prize for best soundtrack:  personalized award
Prize for best actor:  personalized award
Prize for best actress: personalized award
Section 2
First Prize for the best Original Screenplay:  Euro 300.00 voucher
Second Prize: A personalized award
Third Prize: A personalized award