18 November 2018

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Italy on screen today - New York

3. Edition

Italy on screen today - New York

where:New York
when:December 8th - 11th, 2018
address:Via della Giuliana, 27
IT-00195 Roma
tel:+39 06 30893337

The cultural association Artmedia for more than 20 years deals with the planning of art and entertainment events, with a particular focus on Cinema. The events produced, always stood out for the professional approach either with the artists or with the audience. As a result, a valuable feedback of press and critics was achieved. The will to promote the contemporary Italian Cinema abroad, arises from this experience. Italy on Screen Today was created ad hoc for New York, with the Loredana Commonara’s artistic direction, who has improved her artistic, cultural and professional training in the Big Apple.
First Annual, October 26th-30th , 2016; was accomplished thanks to the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Environmental Conservation, SIAE ( Italian Authors' and Publishers' Association), with the patronage of the Italian Consulate in New York and under the High Patronage of the European Parliament in collaboration with Rai Cinema and 01 Distribution. In five days, Italy on Screen today has offered film premier screenings, award-winning films and documentaries. They were Italian products such as Veloce come il vento by Matteo Rovere, Le confessioni by Roberto Andò, Gli ultimi saranno ultimi by Massimiliano Bruno, Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot by Gabriele Mainetti, Il racconto dei racconti by Matteo Garrone, L’Europa prima dell’Europa by Salvatore Braca, Un mondo nuovo by Alberto Negrin. Moreover, a great deal of debates and conferences with authors, artists and cinema professionals were organized. The director and producer Andrea Pellizzer had a debate with the audience after the screening of My name is Adil, his first excellent feature film about immigration and integration, awarded in international festivals. On the other hand, the actress Paola Cortellesi won the Vento d’Europa, a prize set up for the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the European Federalist Movement. It was created in order to reward the work of European artists.
In fact, the first edition was characterized by an homage to Altiero Spinelli, one of the founding fathers of the European unity.the first Italy on screen today was inaugurated by the important speech of William R. Pace, executive director of the World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy. This Festival is the bridge which links Italy and United States, passing by Europe. There are great basis to build up the second edition, from October 18th to 22nd ,2017. It is promoted by an Italian-American committee: the Italian one is composed by specialists plus a local committee. They will be five days of screenings, characterized by a detailed and high quality planning in order to bring overseas the best of the Italian cinema, between interviews and debates with the most illustrious guests, actors, directors of the Italian context. It will be an itinerant Festival. Events, conferences and screenings will take place in different locations of the town, until we reach Long Island. In this way, the latest Italian productions will gain visibility. We will know the winner of Vento d’Europa, the prestigious award which was previously given to Radu Mihaileanu, Matteo Garrone, Stefano Mordini, Paolo Genovese, Cristian Mungiu, Sergio Castellitto, the Academy-award director Louise Psihoyos, Giancarlo De Cataldo, Monica Guerritore, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Vinicio Marchioni, Paola Cortellesi, Francesco Piccolo, Marco Giallini, Margherita Buy, Fabrizio Gifuni, to the British actor Toby Jones and to European Parliment Silvia Costa.
The Festival’s aim is to let American audience get to know Italian cinema, above all the young audience. For this reason the collaboration with John D. Calandra Institute, Queens College/ CUNY Italiana Zerilli Marimo’- New York University and with the Stony Brook University (Long Island), has been renewed. Students will attend classes about the movies scheduled, having the change to take part in debates with the guests and in the master classes. This Festival brings the best of Italian contemporary cinema in United States.
The events with guests- actors, authors, directors, producers- and the master classes represent an opportunity either for guests or for audience to analyze the value of the hard work that brings to the creation of a movie, stimulating the interest of the New Yorker viewer in the Italian movies release.
It is dedicated to fiction cinema, documentary and short film. The festival’s schedule will introduce the best of Italian contemporary cinema: from the box office movie to the auteur films. The audience will have the chance to choose between comedies, dramatic films, short films, documentaries. The schedule provides for movies awarded either in Italian or in international Festivals. These movies rarely achieve the New Yorker screens. For this reason, each screening will represent a premiere in the American land.