27 March 2019

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Cinemed - Festival Cinema Mediterranéen Montpellier

40th Edition

Cinemed - Festival Cinema Mediterranéen Montpellier

where:Montpellier (Francia)
when:October 19th - 27th, 2018
address:78, avenue du Pirée
F-34090 Montpellier
tel:+33 4 99 13 73 73
fax:+33 4 99 13 73 74
deadline:August 24th, 2018
entry form:Online Submission

The Mediterranean Film Festival was founded in 1979 by the enthusiasts running Ciné-club Jean-Vigo, a Montpellier film club that has been extremely active since the mid-1950s. Initially called 'Rencontres avec le cinéma méditerranéen', the event became the 'Festival International du Cinéma Méditerranéen de Montpellier' (Montpellier International Festival of Mediterranean Film) in 1989. It has included a competition section since then.
Statutory objective: 'The Montpellier International Festival of Mediterranean Film has a cultural purpose consisting of knowledge of the cinema of the Mediterranean zone, the Black Sea, Portugal and Armenia. In a spirit of tolerance, it enhances discussion, seminars and studies on the common components that link these cinemas.'
In 2008, with 87 200 spectators (including slightly fewer than 8 000 schoolchildren welcomed within the framework of the young people's festival preceding the opening and 350 lycée pupils who came from all over France for the 'Classes L C.A.V.' courses), the Festival public resisted the temptation of the Indian summer! And to add a few figures, the 31st Montpellier Festival welcomed 240 official guests, 181 professionals and 113 journalists. In addition to 239 films the programme included 3 exhibitions, 1 cine-concert, 3 conferences and numerous round table discussions. Finally for all the competitions, 13 prizes were awarded with a total value of more than €100,000 in cash, grants and services. The Professional Meetings on 29 and 30 October attracted 16 film projects for a development aid grant and 5 grants and 1 writing residency were awarded.

  • After the War by Annarita Zambrano: Avant-premières

  • Il Figlio, Manuel by Dario Albertini: Longs métrages compétition - Antigone d’or, Prix du public, Prix étudiant

  • I was a dreamer by Michele Vannucci: Longs métrages panorama

  • Imma by Pasquale Marino: Documentaires compétition

  • Last Christmas by Christiano Pahler: Longs métrages panorama

  • Pure Hearts by Roberto De Paolis: Avant-premières

  • AN IMPOSSIBLE CRIME by Antonello Grimaldi: Official Selection for Public Award

  • THE COME BACK by Franco Angeli: Official Selection for Public Award

  • DONT SAY CAT by Giorgio Tirabassi: Canal+ Award, Public Award

  • DOWNWIND by Stefano Vicario: Official Selection for public Award

  • FUORI DAL GIRO by Marcello Cotugno, Dario Jacobelli: In Competition, Short Section

  • MOTHER VIPER by Sergio Citti: Official Selection for Public Award

  • MY FATHER'S WORDS by Francesca Comencini: Opening Festival

  • Pesi leggeri by Enrico Pau: in Competition

  • RECONCILED by Rosaria Polizzi: Official Selection for Public Award

  • TOMORROW by Francesca Archibugi: Official Selection for Public Award

  • VOICES by Franco Giraldi: Official Selection for Public Award