16 February 2019

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Sguardi Altrove - International Women's Film Festival

25th Edition

Sguardi Altrove - International Women's Film Festival

when:March 11th - 18th, 2018
address:c/o Illirico 18 - Atelier delle idee
via Illirico 18
20133 Milano (Italy)
tel:+39 02 36561524
deadline:December 20th, 2017
entry form:Online Submission

The festival’s aim is to encourage a reflection on topics relevant to women, articulated in their specific cultural, political and social context, by promoting in particular the circulation of films that are less likely to have access to commercial venues.
The festival includes three competitive sections: Concorso Nuovi Sguardi, for International feature length fiction films; Concorso Le Donne Raccontano, for international documentaries; Concorso Sguardi (S)confinati, for Italian medium and short fiction films. The festival also includes non-competitive sections.
There is no charge for submitting films to the festival.
Competitive sections are open to films made by female directors in the 24 months preceding the festival. Each competitive section will comprise 8 to 10 films. Awards will be assigned by juries consisting of a minimum of three members drawn from the film or culture industries.
Non-competitive sections are open to both male and female directors.