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24 April 2018

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Cinema du Réel

40th International Festival of ethnographical and sociological films

Cinema du Réel

when:March 23rd - April 1st, 2018
address:Bpi - Centre Pompidou
25, rue du Renard
75197 Paris cedex 04
tel:+33 (0)1 44784421
fax:+33 (0)1 44781224
deadline:November 24st, 2017
entry form:Online Submission

Ever since it started in 1979, the festival has been aknowledged as an international meeting place for documentary cinema. It offers a wide audience a « panorama of the world » through images and sounds, combining a diversity of original viewpoints and cinematic qualities. It intends to appear as a place for exchange, reflection and encounters.
The international competition and the French competition are the backbone of the festival. In addition, there is a selection entitled « Faux raccord » and a series of workshops and special programmes.

  • Beyond the one by Anna Marziano: International Competition for First Films

  • Monelle by Diego Marcon: International Competition for Short Films

  • Feast by Franco Piavoli

  • Pagani by Elisa Flaminia Inno: First Films International Competition

  • Whipping Zombie by Yuri Ancarani: Short Films International Competition

  • The Awaiting by Roland Sejko: Focus sur les Archives nationales du film d’Albanie

  • Dustur by Marco Santarelli: International competition - The Youth Award

  • Il Matrimonio by Paola Salerno: International competition First Films

  • Sebastian0 by Fabrizio Ferraro: Special screening

  • Il Solengo by Alessio Rigo de Righi, Matteo Zoppis: Special screening

  • Black Beast by Alessio Rigo de Righi, Matteo Zoppis: Compétition internationale courts métrages - Fresnes Prisoners' Award, Special Mention Short Film Award

  • The Secret by cyop&kaf: Compétition internationale premiers films - Joris Ivens Award

  • The Stone River by Giovanni Donfrancesco: Compétition internationale - Youth Award

  • Dark Matter by Martina Parenti, Massimo D'Anolfi: International Competition

  • In purgatorio by Giovanni Cioni: Fench Panorama - The Intangible Heritage Award

  • The Mouth of the Wolf by Pietro Marcello: International Competition - Scam International Award