21 October 2018

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19th International Short Film Festival


where:Malesco - Parco Nazionale della Val Grande
when:July 31st - August 4th, 2018
address:c/o Comune di Malesco
Via Conte Mellerio n.54
IT-28854 Malesco (VB)
tel:+39 0324.92261
fax:+39 0324.92645
deadline:April 30th, 2018
entry form:On line submission

The Municipal Authority of Malesco and the Ecomuseo ed Leuzerie e di Scherpelit (Soapstone and Stonemasons Ecomuseum) organize the “International Short Film Festival MALESCORTO” with the aegis of Piedmont Region, the Val Grande National Park, the Ossola Museums Association and the Ordine degli Architetti, Pianificatori, Paesaggisti e Conservatori (Association of Architects in Novara and VCO province) and in collaboration with the organization “Cercando il Cinema”.
The Jury will award the following prizes:
First prize:
“MALESCORTO” (€1000.-): assigned to the director of the best short film.
Special prizes:
 “ANIMATION CINEMA” (€200.-): assigned to the production company of the best animation short film. This prize is offered by the Ossola Museums Association.
 “MALESKIDS” 2017 (€300.-): assigned to the educational institute and to the production managers of the best short film executed by schools
 “CINEMA AND ECOLOGY” (€300.-): assigned to the director of the best ecological short film. This prize was created in collaboration with the Val Grande National Park and it will award short films that concern correlation between human being and nature from an ecological point of view or between human being and unspoiled nature. In this case there is no territorial-limitation in order to win the prize.
 “FREE AND WILD” (€200.-): assigned to the production company of the best short film shot in protected areas, parks and geoparks.
 “BROADCASTARCHITECTURE” (€400.-): assigned to the production company of the short film shot in the best internal or external location. Prize edited by Association of Architects in Novara and VCO province.
 “VOLUNTEERING AND SOLIDARITY” (with a special ranking: €300.- for the first winner, €200.- for the second and €100.- for the third one): assigned to the best volunteering and solidarity-themed short films. No prize money but through services provided by CST – Services Center for the Novara and VCO territory (quantity of services based on the equivalent value for money of the prize itself). Prizes will be assigned exclusively to voluntary associations of the Novara and VCO province (and accredited to CTS); short films could be registered by voluntary associations (as producer) or by people involved in the production who must address the prize to a voluntary association (that must have characteristics already explained). These prizes will be assigned exclusively to voluntary associations.
Special mentions:
 Best short film documentary
 Best fiction short film
 Best short film proclaimed by the public