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16 July 2018

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Telluride Film Festival

45th Edition

Telluride Film Festival

where:Telluride, Colorado - USA
when:August 31st - September 3rd, 2018
address:Telluride Film Festival
800 Jones Street
Berkeley, CA 4710
tel:+1 510.665.9494
fax:+1 510.559.9400
deadline:July 2nd, 2018
entry form:Online Submission

“The Telluride Film Festival was definitely the catalyst for getting people interested in SLING BLADE. It was the World Premiere. I love the people there and the noncompetitive atmosphere. It’s a smoothly run festival and it’s all about the films and it’s for people who really love movies.”
– Billy Bob Thornton

What are the prizes? There are none. The real prize is to be accepted from hundreds of entries as one of approximately 15 shorts and 30 features that will be showcased at the Telluride Film Festival. That’s right — once your film is invited to join the festival, by the time the event rolls around, you can stop biting your nails and enjoy the company of some of the best directors in the world.

  • Hidden by Michael Haneke: Panorama