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18 November 2018

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Cape Town World Cinema Festival

6th Edition

Cape Town World Cinema Festival

where:Cape Town (Sud Africa)
when:November th - November st, 2006
deadline:August 31st, 2006

Since 2007 the Festival did not take place.

The Cape Town World Cinema Festival is a festival of films from "southern regions" as well as Independent European and American film within the context of "World Cinema". The Festival showcases film from Africa and more specifically South Africa, South America, Asia as well as films from the Black Diaspora and a special focus on films from indigenous peoples i.e. Aborigine, Maori, Native American, Inuit etc. In this context films need not be solely from these regions, but could also include co-productions or participation with people from these regions or be based on subject matter about these regions. Through the promotion of top quality international films, we hope to simultaneously place value on African films.