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21 April 2018

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Rome Film Fest

13th Edition

Rome Film Fest

where:Auditorium Parco della Musica, Roma
when:October 18th - 28th, 2018
address:Via degli Scialoia 3
IT-00196 Roma
tel:+39 06 40 401 900
deadline:August 3rd, 2018
entry form:Iscrizione Online

The Fondazione  Cinema  per  Roma  was  founded  in  2007,  with  the  aim  of  promoting,propagating and exploring  the  understanding  of  every  form  of  expression relevant to  cinema  (film,  television  series, animation, documentaries, public encounters) throughout the year. The Fondazione Cinema per Roma also strives to contribute to the formation of a new audience, presenting films that might otherwise have been penalized by distribution, in addition to previews of films scheduled to be released in movie theatres.
In the Official Selection, the RFF will present an exclusive selection of no more than 40 films (competing for the BNL People’s Choice Award), with the aim of offering quality and excellence in every form of film expression: independent films, genre productions, the work of renowned auteurs, of emerging filmmaking talents,  research  and  experimentation,  cinema  with  a  clear  vocation  for  entertainment,  animated  films,  visual art and documentaries, as well as major productions.
In addition to the films in the Official Selection, there will be preview screenings of films not included in the  Official  Selection,  special  events,  public  encounters,  masterclasses,  retrospectives,  re-editions  of classic films, exhibitions.
Only the films in the Official Selection can compete for the BNL People’s Choice Award.
Only feature-length films that have never been shown in Europe or have been shown only to audiences in the  country  of  origin  will  be  eligible  for submission  to  the  Official  Selection.  They  must  never  (even in part) have been shown on television or Internet or through any other channel or form of diffusion.
Italian films must be European premieres.
Short films or medium-length films (lasting less than 52 minutes) are not eligible for submission.