Shooting Stars
19 January 2018

Il Premio (second feature)

"The Prize" tells the story of Giovanni Passamonte's journey from Rome to Stockholm to receive the Noble Prize for literature - a journey which the renown writer undertakes by car and he sees in it a way of celebrating the end of his earthly existence. His life has been wild and exaggerated, but now he's old and he feel life so different… But a series of fortuitous circumstances foil Passamonte's plans and force him to face the journey with two of his many children. In this key, the arrival in Copenhagen assumes a central and dynamic role in stirring Passamonte from his torpor. His spirit refreshed, Passamonte faces the last part of the journey. And it will be precisely his children and grandchild, through a series of wild and crazy "encounters and clashes" who will unwittingly burst open the back door of his ivory tower, thereby granting Passamonte true liberation, that from the poisonous clutter of his own image.