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15 December 2017

A less than perfect age (first feature)

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A less than perfect age (L' Età imperfetta)

A less than perfect age (L' Età imperfetta)

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Marina Occhionero, Paola Calliari, Anita Kravos, Luca Filippi, Diego Pagotto, Anna Valle, Pier Giorgio Piccoli, Vivian Darlene Grillo, Enrico Cavicchioli, Antonio Framarin, Ilaria Pravato, Lana Vlady



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  • Rome Film Fest 2017: Alice nella Città - Panorama Italia Alice – KINO

Camilla lives in a quiet town in northern Italy. She’s seventeen and, like many other girls her age, she’s special. Her grades are excellent, she regularly clashes with her younger sister Francesca, and she nurses a little big dream that her mother – a hard working, practical woman from Eastern Europe – can’t understand, while her father – the maternal member of the family – does.
Camilla wants to be a ballerina and the upcoming auditions for a dance college will be a great opportunity for her to showcase her talent.
But, pushy like a tenacious summer wind, Sara swirls into her life. She’s eighteen, and her father’s as rich as her mother is absent. She’s charismatic, sensual, and bulimic.
They’ve been taking the same ballet classes since they were twelve, but were never particularly close. The upcoming audition will inspire them to decide to practice together.
Camilla spends the whole week prior to the audition with Sara who introduces her to an unfamiliar world made of sex, shopping sprees, soft drugs, parties, and wild friends. Camilla is inebriated and fails the audition. Sara, on the other hand, passes, and Camilla’s head starts to spin.
She blames Sara for having failed the audition, maintaining she deliberately sabotaged her. Her mind is filled with dark thoughts and she starts to plan her revenge on her friend.
Wavering between doubts, set backs, twists and turns, her vendetta will take place and will set off a whole series of unpredicted consequences.