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17 October 2017

Felicity Road

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Ready (25/07/2017)

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“Via della felicità”(Felicity road) is the name of the street where Elisa and her two redheaded children live, in the heart of Enziteto. Enziteto is a suburb of Bari, a sort of ghetto controlled by criminal families, where there’s no future for no one. Her determination to escape has grown throughout her 35 years of suburban life, in a neighborhood where it’s impossible to find a regular job because of social and cultural marginalization. Elisa is also afraid that Anthony, her 15-year-old son, will soon become involved with young criminals and their trade. This condition brings Elisa to dream about a different life and to decide to move to another country.
She chooses Bonn, because many inhabitants of Enziteto have created a small colony in the German city. Among them, there is also Elisa’s sister, Alessandra, who has always pushed Elisa to join her. Elisa and Gabriel start packaging with enthusiasm, while Anthony spends his time watching television, wandering through the streets of the quarter with no clear destination. The day of the departure comes and Anthony convinces his mother to let him stay, at least for the summer, by himself.
Once in Bonn, Elisa starts attending German lessons and Gabriel starts to go to school. Anthony spends his days in a very hot and empty Enziteto.
His summertime only starts to have a meaning when he meets Boss, a big Rottweiler tied to a chain in a dump. The boy tries to take care of him, bringing him food and water and alleviating the solitude of both of them. Through Skype the voice of Elisa calls him to reality: he needs to reach her as soon as possible because she misses him and he needs to prepare to go to his new school.
Anthony is forced to take a flight and go to Bonn, even if he really doesn’t want to. Unhappy but resigned, Anthony will now have to deal with a new school and a new lifestyle.