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19 February 2018

It's Raining

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It's Raining (Piove)

original title:


directed by:


Cynthia Enotoe, Tessy Moses, Blessing Ehigiagbe, Joana Cumbe



set design:

Francesco Grossi, Emanuela Bavaro

costume design:


Barbara Monti, Natalia Aricò


Road To Pictures Film, Alchimie, Image Hunters






film run:





Ready (10/05/2017)

festivals & awards:

  • Madrid Italian Film Festival 2017: Cortometrajes
  • Tirana International Film Festival 2017: Official Selection - Panorama New World
  • Reale Film Festival 2017: In Competition- Best Short
  • Sedicicorto Film Festival 2017: Competition Cortitalia - Prize Euroshort
  • Gioiosa in Corto 2017: In Competition
  • Caorle Film Festival 2018: In Competition
  • Bucharest Film Awards 2017: In Competition
  • Cervignano Film Festival 2017: International Competition
  • Festival Internazionale del Cinema Povero 2017: In Competition
  • Corto Pepper Festival 2017: In Competition - Best Short Film
  • Caribbean Film Festival & Market 2017: Semi-Finalist
  • Picentia Short Film Festival 2017: In Competition - Audience Award
  • Napoli Film Festival 2017: Concorso SchermoNapoli Corti - Vesuvio Award - Best Short
  • Fano International Film Festival 2017: In Competition - Special Jury Mention
  • Camaiore Film Festival 201: In Competition
  • OFFline Film Festival 2017: In Competition
  • Pentedattilo Film Festival 2017: In Competition
  • Roma Creative Contest 2017: Out of Competition
  • Barcelona Film Festival 2017: In Competition

  • Reggio Film Festival 2017: In Concorso
  • Foggia Film Festival 2017: In Competition
  • Babel Film Festival 2017: In Competition
  • Visionaria International Film Festival 2017: In Competition - Menzione Speciale della Giuria
  • Paris Independent Film Festival 2017: In Competition
  • Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Award: Official Selection - Editing Award of Jury Special Mention, Color Grading Award of Jury Special Mention
  • Corto Dorico 2017: Finalist
  • Premio Nickelodeon 2017: Jury Award
  • Medfilm Festival 2017: Le Perle
  • CortoDino Film Festival 2017: in Competition

  • Lexington Short Film Festival 2017: Official Selection
  • Lecce Film Fest - Festival del Cinema Invisibile 2017: In Competition
  • Canada Shorts 2017: Award of Distinction
  • Solidando Film Festival 2017: In Competition
  • Fluvione Corto Festival 2017: In Competition
  • Landshut Short Film Festival 2018: Official Selection - Europe in 19 minutes

Four african girls and a bright rainy day.

When I wrote the short film "It's Raining" I wanted to tell a little story: real, raw, no filters. But at the same time I wanted to give these four girls a day of happiness. Every day I see these girls and every day I hope they can live their day of happiness.