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15 November 2018

The Dark corner

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The Dark corner (Pugni in faccia)

The Dark corner (Pugni in faccia)

original title:


directed by:


Mirco Ricci




Sergio Pelone, Yannick Bernard, Arnaud Borge, Anders Palm






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Ready (21/06/2018)

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I started filming Mirco twenty years ago, when he was a difficult six-year-old child growing up amid violence and criminality in a housing project in the outskirts of Rome and I was his school teacher. Fifteen years later, become a professional boxer, “The Predator”, Mirco called me to have his one-time teacher by his side.
For years after that my camera follows this latest heir to those “ragazzi di vita” narrated by Pasolini as he becomes a man struggling to become the boxing champion he has always dreamed of being.
Our relationship intertwines in the narration of his personal and sporting adventures transforming me into an invisible, active character in the story.
Prompted by the constant questions he asks me while I try to hide behind my camera, I put in my best effort to help him to overcome his violence and an alcohol dependence which he refuses to face.
Despite street fights, drunken nights and gunshot wounds, Mirco Ricci fights in front of my camera epical boxing matches, becoming Italian and WBA intercontinental Light Heavyweight champion.
But it is not easy to escape a marked destiny.
Arrested in 2016 with the infamous accusation of kidnapping a child, Mirco finds himself in a prison cell and is eventually found not guilty of this crime only two years later, in February 2018.
“The Dark Corner” reveals, without pleasure or pity, a young marginal generation without hope that lives in an impenetrable obscurity at the edge of society and too often becomes visible only in the crime pages of the newspapers.