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16 October 2018

The King of Paparazzi – La vera storia

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The King of Paparazzi – La vera storia

The King of Paparazzi – La vera storia

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Giuseppe Tornatore, Walter Veltroni, Giancarlo De Cataldo, Filippo Ceccarelli, Bruno Vespa, Enrico Lucherini, Giuliano Montaldo, Andrea Andermann, Antoni Marini, Valerio Caprara, Carlo Verdone, Rino Barillari







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Ready (05/10/2018)

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Our country’s history from the end of the 1950’s till today, told through the photographs of one of its keenest observers, Rino Barillari, known world-over as the "King of the Paparazzi", and in association with the archives of the Istituto Luce. From the end of the Fifties, and for the next decade, the whole world was drawn to the Eternal City.
The sophisticated jet set belonging to the worlds of entertainment, sport and high society chose it as its residence. Via Veneto, Piazza del Popolo, Via Condotti and Piazza di Spagna became the meeting points for cultural happenings, wild nights, love affairs, and escapes from those pesky paparazzi!

That magical, unrepeatable period is characterized by three main events that made Rome the center of the world. The first was "La Dolce Vita", the film by Federico Fellini that earned tremendous success and created savage discussions everywhere. The second event was the Rome Olympics of 1960, broadcast in Eurovision for the first time on five continents, which mesmerized everyone and featured the unforgettable race won by the Ethiopian Abebe Bikila, who ran barefoot through the most beautiful streets of old Rome, all the way to his triumphal arrival under the Arch of Constantine in front of the Colosseum. And the third memorable event was the Second Vatican Council held at the request of Pope John XXIII, known as "the Good Pope" beloved by the people, who assembled the highest ecclesiastical echelons from every country.

To these major events must be added the fact that, for a number of years, the major studios in Hollywood had begun to shoot their blockbusters in Rome-films like (Cleopatra, Ben Hur, The Bible…), and brought the biggest stars in the world to the Eternal City.