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13 November 2018

Life Sentence (second feature)

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Life Sentence (Finepenamai)

Life Sentence (Finepenamai)

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35mm - colour

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“Fine pena mai” is based on a man’s personal diary, this man is Antonio Perrone. He was sentenced to 49 years in prison and placed into an isolation cell for his dealings with the mafia. This film tells the incredible human drama of the man taking the blame. In the early eighties, Antonio Perrone, first born son of a well to do family from Southern Italy, falls in love with a woman named Daniela whom he will later marry. Together they dream of living the good life, and will stop at nothing to get all the pleasures a consumer society promises to offer. From being a young couple in love they will become protagonists in a life of crime, drug deals and robberies. The time will come for Antonio to take a stand. It’s time to grow up. He will become a leading member of the local mafia known as the Sacra Corona Unita. This association like all mafias, comes with initiation rites, a “code of honour”. Perrone will end up defeated by his own mechanisms and his way of life will take a tragic turn . Adapted from the book by Antonio Perrone "Vista d’interni".