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15 December 2018


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Grazing (Sfiorarsi)

Grazing (Sfiorarsi)

Grazing (Sfiorarsi)

original title:


directed by:



costume design:


Veradia Film, supported by MiBAC





film run:



35mm - colour

aspect ratio:



Dolby SR

release date:


festivals & awards:

Two lives, those of Paolo and Celine, Followed by a destiny that almost teases by not having them meet in a city such as Rome , so frantic and real , where they graze all the time . Both are so concerned with their own problems, loves, small and bigger commitments that they are unable to notice the other. Celine is an actress, she is thirty years old, a failed wedding in her recent past and a ten year old daughter. Paolo is a photographer on his forties, who’s childish soul hasn’t brought him to consider the idea of a deep relationship with a woman.
The occasions to meet are many, but maybe not enough for someone who isn’t able to stop and look, even for one instant, at the person who could maybe be the right one, who embodies the most intimate dream. Paolo and Celine are this dream for one another. They don’t know yet, but their instinct maybe dose, when they finally find each other. They then understand this when, by just mixing their lives a little, they realize they could make a brade with their roots. Everything work out perfectly in their lives, that day by day become special. But the time each one has lived, before choosing the other, leaves everlasting marks that only a crisis, a choice, a deep commitment are able to soothe.