23 February 2019

Weddings and other disasters

Forty year-old Nanà runs a small bookstore in Florence. Despite the constant nagging of her well-to-do family, she has no intention of making anything more of her life.
As for her sentimental interests, though secretly in love with Bauer, a self-centred novelist who takes advantage of her feelings to obtain small professional favours, she has pretty much given up on finding her Prince Charming and living happily ever after. In fact, the unpleasant end to what she thought was the love of her life has left her allergic to the very idea of matrimony.
Then her younger sister Beatrice has the absurd idea of asking Nanà to organise her wedding. After an irresistible series of mishaps and plot twists, Nanà takes a good look at her own situation and decides to change it.