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24 April 2018

Many Kisses Later

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Many Kisses Later (Ex)

Many Kisses Later (Ex)

Many Kisses Later (Ex)

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directed by:


costume design:


IIF Italian International Film, Rai Cinema, Paradis Films, supported by MiBACT, Ocean Films (Paris)

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35mm - colour

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EX is a light choral comedy divided into episodes that intertwine and revolve around the matters arising from the end of a love affair. Exes are like the Phoenix rising from the ashes... they never die! They lie in wait, ready to change your life... Some relationships have turned into hatred, others into friendships, for others instead the flame of love is still burning. Some you have lost sight of by choice, others by a bizarre twist of fate, others by mistake. However they are all part of your life. If today you are who you are, it’s also because of your Exes. The film begins with many declarations of love and lots of kisses… But then, does love go on? Did they indeed live happily ever after?