Producers on the Move
26 April 2018

Ristabbanna (first feature)

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Tiziana Lodato, Ben Gazzara, Salvatore Li Causi, Adriana Parrinello, Enrico Roccaforte, Emanuel Li Causi, Giulia Coccellato, Diego Gueci, Salvatore Forzisi


Giorgio Fantini


Michele Tagliabue

costume design:








HD/35mm - colour

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The old saltworker Natale Giacalone just has got a nephew, Rosina, who left many years before to United States to become an actress and never come back. To see her again, Natale decides to shoot little movies so that she can miss home. But he doesn’t even finish first tape that a clumsy burglar, Salvo, steals the camera. Salvo’s son, Nicolò, bring it back to the old man, who says: “This camera is yours if you help me shooting movies for my Rosina…”. Here is how Nicolò and his family find a kind of grandfather, who change their life lending Salvo a boat so that he can start working honestly. To make these movies Nicolò won’t ever stop the camera, not even at Natale’s funeral when Rosina shows up. She’s intended to attend ceremony, sell the old saltworker house and the boat and leave as quickly as possible. No need for her to stay longer in that country. But an intense earthquake shocks her when she finds out Natale knew the truth about her life in America. And may be many others knew… This is how her being a diva crack down and her uncertainties come up. This is how Nicolò’s family is shocked by jealousy and fear to loose the boat and that honest life just achieved. Rosina faces her past, her painful roots he roughly decided to cut. But as a fairy tale deserving respect… a happy ending is very close to be.