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10 December 2018

Border (first feature)

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original title:


directed by:


Sara El Debuch, Dana Keilani, Wasim Abo azan, Sami Haddad, Abdul Ahmed, Jamal El Zohbi


Alessio Cremonini, Susan Dabbous


Stefano Di Leo

set design:

Alessandra Stefanelli

costume design:

Lisa Tran Van


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The Syrian war has so far caused 80,000 deaths and 800,000 refugees who have fled to Libya, Turkey and Jordan. This film is based on a true story.
Aya and Fatima are two sisters who live in a village in Syria, in the epicenter of the fighting between police and shabiha, the regime’s militia. One day Muhammad, a messenger of Fatima’ s husband Shady, pays a visit. Having been part of the military for years, Shady has recently join the rebels of the Syrian Free Army. The consequence of this decision is the vendetta of the Secret Service and shabiha on Shady and his family. The only chance to survive which Aya and Fatima have is to cross the Turkish border, seek refuge and wait for Shady to join them. They leave with few belongings accompanied by Farid, a friend of Muhammad, who will escort them to the border. The problems to cross the border are numerous and many people who have tried such a feat, never made it alive. Their trip complicates further, when Farid decides to give a lift to Bilal, a man with a mysterious past and keen to escape Syria. The sister’s relationship with Bilal is tense and they cannot trust anyone. The situation worsens following the death of Farid. They cannot travel by themselves because only united they will be able to cross the border and find freedom.