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19 June 2018

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Veneto Film Commission

address:Ufficio Cinema e Film Commission
Palazzo Sceriman
Cannaregio, 168 - IT-30121 Venezia
tel:+39 041 2792604
fax:+39 041 2792794

At the beginning of 2000 the Regional Council formally set up the Veneto Film Commission, which has the following functions:
· Promoting awareness of the Veneto Film Commission region-wide;
· Promoting and co-ordinating a region-wide research for locations and professional activities that might be of interest for production with the completion of the phases already under way, and implementing subsequent follow-ups and their distribution.
· Defining, also through framework agreements, the means for co-operating with Veneto regional authorities for the service activities necessary for productions.
· Promoting and distributing information, also by means of existing regional centres, in joint co-operation with both public and private bodies that might constitute an interesting reference point for production activities (Regional Offices and Institutes, Local Authorities, Business and Sector Associations, Film Commissioners).
From 1999 the Veneto Regional Council also participated actively in the creation of a national Film Commission Group.

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