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19 June 2018

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Italian Riviera - Alpi del mare Film Commission

address:Via Vittorio Veneto, 45
IT-17035 Cisano Sul Neva (Savona)
tel:+39 018 21595042

The ITALIAN RIVIERA- ALPI DEL MARE FILM COMMISSION promotes an "en plain air" Cinecittà within very short distances. This area, extending from the luminous Italian Riviera to the stately Alps and the Padana Plain of low Piedmont, is endowed with a wealth of castles, historic palaces, beautiful landscapes and industrial sites and much, much more. Capitalizing on this richness, the Italian Riviera-Alpi del Mare Film Commission is now ready to promote a different, unchartered and unique environment by providing assistance and logistics to filmmakers interested in new scenarios and low budgets.

1. FINANCIAL: After evaluation and selection of the project:
Hotel and restaurant discounts, free service depending from Public Institutions, local authorities, etc.
2. TECHNICAL: Lists of professionists, equipment rentals, services facilities, transportation.
3. LOGISTICAL: General information. Service of liaison with authorities and institutions. Preliminary location scout. Permission and authorizations. Productions office.