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19 June 2018

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Toscana Film Commission

Toscana Film Commission

address:Via San Gallo, 25 - IT-50129 Firenze
tel:+39 055 2719035
fax:+39 055 2719027

The Tuscany Film Commission (TFC), supports and assists all production companies interested in shooting in Tuscany:
- Assistance for the obtaining of filming permits.
- Possibility of obtaining reductions or free authorizations for filming in public spaces.
- Reductions in the costs of accommodation and catering.
- Database of audiovisual companies and professionals.
- Database of locations in Tuscany divided by tipology and location.
Film producers who may decide to shoot in Tuscany should apply to the "Incoming Fund" in order to reduce the costs incurred in the territory (accommodation, rental technical equipment, catering etc).
The maximum amount of financing for films and fiction Tv is 50,000 euro.
The maximum amount of financing for documentaries and short films is 25,000 euro.

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