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19 June 2018

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Bologna Film Commission

address:Cineteca di Bologna
Via Riva di Reno, 72
IT-40122 Bologna
tel:+39 051 2194814 - 2194832
fax:+39 051 2194821

Provides support for filmmakers and producers who have found in Bologna and its surroundings an interesting location for their film and TV productions. The Film Commission offers a first contact for those who wish to exploit to the full extent the city’s extraordinary architectural, cultural and cinematographic potential.
Integrated to Cineteca di Bologna (Bologna Film Archive), Bologna FilmCommission, aims at combining a preliminary and logistic assistance to those who have chosen Bologna for their projects, with an extensive experience on the field guaranteed by a prestigious institution: Cineteca di Bologna can rely on a large film and photographic collection, two screening theatres, a post-production laboratory (L’Immagine Ritrovata) and a considerable proficiency in organising film festivals and events throughout the year.
The FilmCommission has triggered a wider interest and participation on both a local and national level and provides not only first-hand information on technical and logistic matters, but establishes itself as a meeting point, aiming at developing the relationship between production and vocational training, thus enhancing the local youth participation. Bologna FilmCommission supports motion-picture and TV producers providing: Free use of the public soil throughout the shootings Easier access to City properties Free use of facilities such as production headquarters and storerooms Assistance in obtaining all permits needed to access to public soil, city properties, Bologna University properties Co-ordination of all law enforcement units and streamlining of bureaucratic procedures Assistance in finding accommodation for the troupe Information and counselling concerning skilled human resources in the field on alocal level. Bologna FilmCommission is part of the Italian FilmCommissions’ Network and closely cooperates with the Emilia-Romagna region FilmCommission.