19 September 2018

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Sardinia Film Commission

Sardinia Film Commission

address:Viale Trieste, 186
IT-09123 Cagliari
tel:+09 070 6064923 - 6064764
fax:+39 070 6064026

Sardinia Film Commission is an office of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia which offers assistance, advice and services to Italian and foreign film productions which are interested in shooting in the Island. In collaboration with Districts and Municipalities in the Island, Sardinia Film Commission undertakes to reduce production’s contributions and to favour the development of film and audiovisual activities in Sardinia.
The Region believes that the Film Commission is a fundamental instrument for a development policy based on the safeguard of the environmental resource and on the territorial promotion.
Services offered by Film Commission
Sardinia Film Commission offers preliminary technical, logistic and bureaucratic information; helps with the release of authorizations, in particular, as regards the occupation of public property and offers the support in the communication activities and in the relations with Institutions and local media.

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