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19 June 2018

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Vicenza Film Commission

address:Via E. Montale, 25
IT-36100 Vicenza
tel:+39 0444 994770
fax:+39 0444 997479

Vicenza Film Commission can provide the following services:
Digital photographs database and information about the locations
Shooting permits
Logistic assistance (lodging vehicle rental…)
Troupe accommodation
Free occupation of public soil
Technical services
Artistic and technical personnel database
Film catering services
Relations with the press and local authorities
Simplifying red tape

Vicenza Film Commission Scouting Package
Vicenza è (Local tourist board) and Vicenza Film Commission would like to offer to filmmakers a special package for scouting the locations.
The scouting package includes:
* free accomodation up to 3 people, up to 4 nights
* free transportation in Vicenza by car or public means
* free meals up to 3 people
* professional assistance during the scouting
* meeting with local authorities
On the other side, the producer first of all must have a serious, large-scale production in preparation, and must communicate the name of the film, basic storyline, actors, etc...
* Vicenza must be clearly recognizable in the film (e.g filming a road sign or overprinting Vicenza in the film or placing shots of recognizable local landmarks: the audience must know that is Vicenza)
* At the end of the film, the producer must credit Vicenza tourist board and Vicenza Film Commission and any other private partners in Vicenza who have provided services free of charge
* The producer must provide a DVD copy of the film, general promo material and pubblicity pictures to Vicenza Film Commission
* The producer is kindly requested to allow journalists and photographers to attend some of the film shooting

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