11 December 2018

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IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige Film Fund & Commission (BLS)

IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige Film Fund & Commission (BLS)

address:Piazza della Parrocchia 11
IT-39100 Bolzano
tel:+39 0471 094 000
fax:+39 0471 094 444

IDM South Tyrol ∙ Alto Adige Film Fund & Commission, which BLS set up in 2009, gave many different types of support to a variety of film and television productions, based locally and abroad, for projects shot in South Tyrol. The province is attractive not only because of its diverse landscape and excellent weather conditions, but also because it offers filmmakers active support and funds.

Financing and subsidies of films
South Tyrol offers good conditions for the film industry. In addition to the region’s public broadcast station, its Zelig Film School is another pivotal factor. The Autonomous Province of Bolzano has created its own film fund in order to encourage film and television projects to use the region as a location. IDM South Tyrol ∙ Alto Adige Film Fund & Commission supports film and television projects, shot entirely or in part within the province. The audiovisual fund consists of 5 million euro a year and is targeted towards pre-production and production financing of feature or documentary films for theatrical distribution and television broadcast, and also of TV series. The production company, in turn, must pledge expenditures within the province of 150% of the requested subsidy, in order to comply with the terms of production financing. 

Production and location services
Charming vineyards, idyllic mountain farms and a dramatic alpine backdrop: South Tyrol’s scenery offers unspoiled nature and picturesque villages. The region also has industrialised urban areas, though, and is thus diverse enough for a wide variety of film projects ranging from Hollywood-style action movies to independent, art-house films. In order to make these numerous facets easily accessible to film and television producers, IDM provides support with location scouting and assists with the handling of administrative procedures such as obtaining shooting permits.

In addition, BLS offers consultation services regarding tax and legal questions that may arise when shooting in South Tyrol and Italy.

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