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17 July 2018

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IDFA Forum - Docs for Sale

Forum for International Co-financing of Documentaries

address:Frederiksplein 52
1017 XN Amsterdam
The Netherlands
tel:+31 (0)20 6273329
fax:+31 (0)20 6385388
when:November 17th - 23rd, 2017

Forum for International Co-financing of Documentaries
The Forum will take place in the Amsterdam Paradiso. The Forum is Europe’s largest gathering of television commissioning editors and independent documentary producers. Its aim is to stimulate co-financing and co-production of new documentaries by enabling producers to pitch their project concepts to the assembled commissioning editors and other professionals, and to follow up with individual meetings.
A project needs to have the commitment of at least one broadcaster, film board or film institute. At least 25% (but not more than 75%) of the financing has to be in place (financing is defined as real, market money and excludes personal investment and investments by other production companies or producers). In order to reduce participating projects to a manageable number, selection of proposed projects will be necessary. The projects will be pitched by the producer and/or director, supported by the committed commissioning editor.
Doc For Sale
Docs for Sale running parallel to IDFA, is an extensive internationally-oriented documentary market offering a limited number of selected documentaries.