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23 April 2018

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Early submissions for Locarno: deadline March 30th

Second round in June

Early submissions for Locarno: deadline March 30th

Istituto Luce Cinecittà, Filmitalia Dept., is pleased to host the Italian selections for the 70° Locarno Festival (August 2 - 12, 2017).
Selections by: Carlo Chatrian (Artistic Director), Lorenzo Esposito (Selection Committee).
Selections: Rome, April 5th to 7th. A second selection will be held in June.
Participation rules:
THE PIAZZA GRANDE for feature films and documentaries;
THE CONCORSO INTERNAZIONALE for feature films and documentaries exceeding 60 min. length;
THE CONCORSO CINEASTI DEL PRESENTE for first and second works exceeding 60 min. length (feature films, documentaries and experimental works are eligible);
THE CONCORSO PARDI DEL DOMANI for short and medium-length films not more than 40 minutes in length by young filmmakers who have not yet made feature length films.
SIGNS OF LIFE Competition presents as world or international premieres a competitive selection of works by well-established filmmakers, exploring new narrative forms and innovative film language.
For all the sections, the films must have been made after August 1, 2016, they must be World or International Premieres and they must not have been shown at any other International Festival.

Required materials for the selections: 1 dvd or bluray together with technical data or publicity material. The English subtitles are not necessary for the selections.
Film submission: it is not necessary to register the film and pay the fee. We kindly ask you to send the DVD or bluray to our office (Istituto Luce Cinecittà / Filmitalia – Att.: Serena Mazzi, Monica Moscato – Via Tuscolana 1055 – 00173 Roma, Italy) no later than Thursday, March 30th.
Contacts for the selections:
Serena Mazzi s.mazzi@cinecittaluce.it tel. +3906 72286326
Rossella Rinaldi r.rinaldi@cinecittaluce.it tel. +39 06 72286325