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22 June 2018

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Istituto Cinematografico Michelangelo Antonioni (ICMA)

where:Busto Arsizio, Lombardia
address:Villa Calcaterra
via Magenta 70 (ingresso da via XI febbraio)
IT-21052 Busto Arsizio VA
tel:+39 0331 070847
fax:+39 0331 075780

Istituto Cinematografico Michelangelo Antonioni (ICMA), managed by the "Fondazione Cinema e Territorio", was born in 2008 thanks to the patronage and the sponsorship of important institutional and private partners like Regione Lombardia and Comune di Busto Arsizio.
Its headquarter is in Busto Arsizio, near Milan, in the animated audiovisual district of Alto Milanese (Northern Milan Ares), supported by an important film festival "BA Film Festival" and by THe "Film Commission della Provincia di Varese e dell’Alto Milanese".
Thanks to the high patronage of The Antonionis, the Istituto Cinematografico Michelangelo Antonioni is the only film academy to be intitled to the great “Maestro dell’incomunicabilità” .
Istituto Antonioni trains, in three years, directors, actors and film and television technicians using a particular approach which combines theory with "hands on" laboratories. Through workshops, professional occasions, "on stage" experiences the students complete their academic carrier so that they can face appropiately the challanges of professional world.
With more than 60 students per academic year, ICMA supplies teaching activities for more than 800 hours. Strong and detail attention is dedicated to up-to-date technology, digital effects, and English classes. Students from all over Italy attend the courses each day from october to may. The summer is dedicated to production sessions, evaluation, and professional occasions. Besides the academic activity, ICMA is a attarctive pole of cultural events, other courses in the field of photography, creative writing, fine arts. In the last two years, ICMA has become also a movie and theatre production comopany, mainly supporting creative products produced by young and talented resources.