A.S.C. Associazione Italiana Scenografi Costumisti Arredatori

address:c/o Cinecittà
Via Tuscolana 1055
IT-00173 Roma
tel:+39 06 72293265

A.S.C., Associazione Italiana Scenografi, Costumisti e Arredatori (Italian Production Designers, Costume Designers and Art Directors Association) was founded 34 years ago.
The Association today is in line with similar European Associations to gather together artists and professionals who share the same goal:
Spread out and give visibility to the quality, knowledge and creativity of the Art of Production and Costume Design in Italy.
Today’s ASC has a firm foot in the past but looks to the future.
Its purpose is to become a “point of attraction”, to create fertile ground for historical and scientific research, to stimulate “critical” approach through the incredible artistic heritage which finds its expression through Cinema, Theatre, Opera, TV and generally every field to which Production and Costume Designers have given their contribution.
We have not forgotten our early beginnings when The Association (then called ACISCA) was founded by Mario Chiari in an attempt to bring together a very fragmented group of professionals. At a time (early 60’s) when the Italian Cinema was at its busiest and reached unsurpassed peaks for quantity of films produced, ACISCA started to make a shy effort to help professionals overcome their individualism and find common ground.
We have to wait until 1984 to see a new beginning for our Association (re –named ASCA).
The then President Mario Garbuglia managed to reach and bring together the almost totality of the existing professionals. But this spirit of initiative was again affected by circumstances. The Italian Film industry of the ‘80’s and ‘90’s started to visibly decrease, both in quantity and quality, and this “crisis” was reflected into the Association’s activities.
In 1991 ASCA became ASC under the Presidency of Giulia Mafai and in 1995 the statute was revised and yet again a new course took place. Under the guidance of Andrea Crisanti , a new Board of Counsellors was elected and this modified the Association internal structure.
The direction of Andrea Crisanti marks a step towards what ASC represents today.
The Association is now aimed to all those Professionals who want to join together to stand up for the quality of our Professions. One of our goals is to build a bridge between old and new generations of dedicated Production Designers, Costume Designers and Art Directors, thus contributing to the transmission of knowledge and experience.
We are also joining forces and energies to defend the dignity of our category and our work, ensuring that our presence and voice will not be unheard in any Political or Cultural Institution, where we can actively promote initiatives to bring attention to our issues, problems and plans for the future.
Comunications strategies have evolved throughout the years and, with the inputs of our young Junior Associates, we have built up a new website www.aesseci.org and are alive on the Social Network Scene.
We have also invested on editorial activities with an impressive magazine (the only one of its kind in Italy) publishing retrospectives, interviews, reviews, drawings and photographs displaying the talent of our colleagues and collaborators, focusing on the creative relationship with Actors, Directors, Cinematographers, gathering news and information on “what’s on” in the Audiovisual Industry.
One of our most successful editorial initiative was the “Year Book” of Our Associates, distributed at Film Festivals, to Production Companies and in various Cutural Events which gave visibility to many Professionals.
In the view of providing new “tools of the trade” for beginners and experienced alike , we organise Technical and Theoretical Courses exploring new technologies, as well as passing old tricks and secrets.
We have created groups of reaserch putting together new and old work experiences, location books, organising exchange meetings among artists and professionals from different areas, created events, exhibitions, conferences.
Here is a list of our recent achievements:
• ASC has been recognised by the Italian Minsitry of Culture as CLASS A Association which places US AS a certified EEC Association
• In collaboration with Regione Lazio , the Confederated Unions, and the National Association of Film Producers, ASC has insituted and defined the Professional Profile Classifications for Production and Costume Designers
• ASC has been recognised as an official Professional Association by the Ministry of Employment (Ministero del Lavoro)
• In Collaboration with Roma Film Fest in 2007 ASC has organised the exhibition “Cinema: Come nasce un sogno: l’arte degli Scenografi dei Costumisti e degli Arredatori Italiani” in the prestigious location of the Scuderie Aldobrandini in Frascati, attracting over 7000 visitors.
• ASC has been involved with Post-Lauream education with the institution of the Professional Profiles
• With the creation of the “Junior Associates” position, ASC allows college-leavers and graduates to establish a first contact with the job market, contibuting to introducing and guiding new talents.
• ASC is partecipating to a National Study to formulate the criteria for Professional Certification for Production and Costume Designers Fields of Competence, to be in line with the new EEC regulations.
None of these achievements would have been possible without the stamina and determination of all the Associates who have contributed to our activities throughout the years.
We therefore take this opportunity to thank and express our gratitude to all our many contributors and supporters.