22. Independent Film Festival


where:Conversano, Bari
when:August 18th - 24th, 2024
address:Circolo del Cinema Atalante Via Metastasio 12, - IT-70014 Conversano (Ba)
tel:+39 080 2376965
deadline:May 15th, 2024
entry form:Submission at

“Imaginaria - Independent Film Festival” is born from the necessity to participate to the mutations of the shape and the cinematographic language that color and redefine images/image of our present.
Imaginaria launches one new experience: to co-operate, in one ideal continuity, the free and independent cinema to the movements and the innovated authors of the digital revolution.
An eccentric and unusual way as regards national cinematographic programming. Today, a meeting between technological innovation and creativity represents an unavoidable revolution where cohabit "in motion" cinemas and microcinemas, film and digital, cinematographic projections and video, downloading in network and installations of video art.

Films must have been completed after 2008.
Running time for all feature length films must be no less than 72 minutes. Running time for all short films must be no more then 30 minutes.
Films/videos must not have received worldwide network television distribution (including cable and PAY-TV). Competitive entries must not have commercial distribution in Italy to be eligible.
Foreign feature or short films submitted to the Festival must be subtitled in Italian OR English if not already an English language film.
Entries with prints on 16 mm, 35 mm, Digital Video and Beta PAL must be made available for presentation at least three (3) weeks before the event date. Films requiring dual projection (interlock) or super 16 mm projection are NOT accepted.
Submissions are only accepted on 1/2" VHS PAL or NTSC videotape or DVD (preferably). Entries, as well as accompanying materials, will NOT be returned and will become property of the organization and its archive.

  • Rita by Fabio Grassadonia, Antonio Piazza: Special Mention of the Jury