Giffoni Film Festival

53rd International Children's Film Festival

Giffoni Film Festival

where:Giffoni (Italy)
when:July 20th - 29th, 2023
address:Via Aldo Moro 4, - IT-84095
Giffoni Valle Piana (Salerno)
tel:+39 089 8023 212
deadline:May 31st, 2023
entry form:Submission at

The Giffoni Film Festival (GFF) was born in 1971 from a Claudio Gubitosi idea: i.e. promoting and developing cinema for young people elevating it from the marginal position it had back in those days, and leading it where it belongs , e.g. a high quality genre capable of “penetrating” the market.
Over the years Two things have turned out to be essential and are still the unreplaceable pillars of the Giffoni Film festival Concept.
Over the years the number of jurors has by far out grown 3000 and they come from over 44 different countries embracing all the world’s continents.
The age of jurors ranges from 3 to 17 and they are placed into four official competitive sections according to their age group. Ttwo further sections have been added for children aged 3-5 (Elements+3) and for over 18s (Troubled gaze). The jurors view, assess, discuss about and vote for films in the sections.
“Of all festivals Giffoni’s the most necessary”. This is the final statement of a letter that François Truffaut left after coming to Giffoni in 1982.
The Maestro gave way to a number of “visits” that turned, what had started as a little Film festival, into a huge world’s event of infinite proportions: Robert De Niro,Oliver Stone, Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons, John Travolta, Wim Wenders, Ben Kingsley, Kathy Bates, Krzystof Kieslowsky, Roman Polansky, Danny De Vito, Meg Ryan, Naomi Watts are amongst the great film stars we have hosted in Giffoni in the past 39 years. The complete list includes all the most important Italian authors and actors of the last four decades.
Sensitivity in film selection is one of the main pillars to characterize the GFF and is only the final act of an assessment and analysis process of the world of cinema for young people. We have films made by great affirmed directors or by new talented ones, internationally relevant film productions. Important themes and issues are always discussed after the films. Find more about selection criteria.
A film viewed in Giffoni has a trademark that certifies for its quality and appropriateness regarding an audience made up principally of teenagers and families.
In the past 13 years Giffoni Experience has not only established itself as a festival recognized for its quality but especially as a “Cultural Company” a company that produces culture and employs full time tens of young people organizing events throughout the year.
Giffoni Experience is not only a festival. 250 days of activity all year round.e.g. over 200.000 students have come to Giffoni in 12 years for the Movie Days project.

  • The Tenth Wave by Francesco Colangelo: Generator 18+

  • Tiger Boy by Gabriele Mainetti: Generator +13 - Prize Comune Giffoni Valle Piana

  • Zoè by Giuseppe Varlotta: Troubled Gaze

  • Jurij by Stefano Gabrini: Bronze Gryphon Award, Best Actor, Best Film - Premio Cinemavvenire