Mar del Plata International Film Festival

38th Edition

Mar del Plata International Film Festival

where:Mar del Plata, Argentina
when:November 2nd - 12th, 2023
address:Av. Belgrano 1586 – 9th Floor
CP 1093 – Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
tel:+54 11 4383 5115
deadline:July 31st, 2023
entry form:Online Submission

The Mar del Plata International Film Festival, organized by the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA), promotes the film and audiovisual activity in all of its forms, screening films of different origins, and supporting thematic diversity and styles. In it, the tradition of classic cinema coexists with new tendencies, new voices and new technologies. Every year, over 130,000 spectators can enjoy its program that features more than 300 films, and special events, with the participation of both local and international celebrities.
Historically, the Festival has been divided into different sections.
First there is the Competitive section. For each edition, members of the jury are carefully selected to award films from the International Competition, Latin American Feature Film and Short Film Competitions, plus the Argentine Feature Film, Short Film Competition and Work In Progress categories.
Secondly, Panorama is the section where viewers can find the best and latest works of international production. Acclaimed filmmakers and new talents combine with diverse subject matters in sections such as as Mar de Chicos, targeted to younger audiences, Original Soundtrack, featuring films where music plays the leading role, or Super 8 –16 mm– a tribute to historical formats, in sections such as Hora Cero, Generación VHS and Las Venas Abiertas, among others.
Number three is the Tributes and Retrospectives section that seeks to revisit the work of prestigious directors putting them back into circulation. This section also prompts new trends by focusing on current filmmakers that would otherwise not make it to the theaters. It is a key section that values works based on their cultural legacy for present and future cinema.
Fourth is the Rescues section, where national and international film heritage comes to life for audiences to enjoy some of the industry’s former glories.
The Festival is also characterized by its appealing special events: master classes, round tables, book presentations, special screenings and seminars on new cinema critique. The 2018 edition also hosted the first edition of the successful Cinema and Gender Perspective Forum, a key space for reflection that exposed the inequalities of the audiovisual industry.

  • A Woman by Giada Colagrande: Panorama / Noches Especiales

  • Saint Maradona by Marco Ponti: FiPRESCI Prize - Best Film Best Actor(ex-aequo) Libero De Rienzo