Festival International de Films de Femmes

46th edition

Festival International de Films de Femmes

where:Creteil, France
when:March 15th - 24th, 2024
address:Maison des Arts
Place Salvador Allende
F-94000 Créteil
deadline:October 30th, 2023
entry form:Online Submission

The International Women’s Film Festival is organized at the Maison des Arts de Créteil – where it plunges its roots in a social, economic and human environment of great richness and complexity- a great annual, one of the kinds Festival, whose mission is that of discovering and promoting women film directors from all over the world.
Privileged place of disclosure for movies directed by women worldwide, it has become with time the only international professional showcase of scale focused on, a long time discriminated and still poorly released, cinéma d’auteur.
The Festival’s stand on a local, national, European cinematographic and international landscape remains essential. Unique open source on the world, the Festival focuses on the special way women apprehend our society, honors them, supports and promotes their various cultures, celebrates actresses, script writers, film editors, cinematographers as well as all other women involved in filmmaking.
During the years, we have supported women filmmakers, supported their research, and highly praised their innovations, their standpoints, and their commitments.
Women have had to fight against their own censure in order to join such professions. They have had to work double to convince and obtain the means to make their films.
Since its beginning in 1979, the Festival International de Films de Femmes de Créteil has become one of the most outstanding women’s film festivals. Even today at the threshold of our thirtieth edition, the AFFIF continues to astound by the quality of both the films it presents and the laboratory for expression it has created.
Our Festival which each year brings together over 130 women filmmakers and 20 000 spectators we celebrates their contribution to their innovating stands and apprehension of female representation throughout the 21st century. These women filmmakers make it their priority to explore the outreach of human qualities through both their female and male characters, questioning gender matters in rich, multiple women portraits that respond to our needs of identification according to a range of essential liberating issues.
An average of 200 films from more than two-dozen countries are screened: feature-length and short-length fiction, feature-length and short documentaries, about fifty of which were in competition.
Each year a special place is given to women filmmakers focusing on a specific thematic. Worldwide women filmmakers are invited to show their films and participate in very necessary and thought-provoking forums and debat
Our filmmaker guests give “Leçons”. They offer us their cinematographic concepts, their experience. They are true life-lessons, poignant testimonies, and historical milestones.

  • The Castle by Martina Parenti, Massimo D'Anolfi: Compétition Documentaire