Motovun Film Festival

26th Edition

Motovun Film Festival

where:Montona, Croazia
when:July 24th - 28th, 2024
address:Martićeva 47
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
deadline:May 18th, 2024
entry form:Submission at

Motovun Film Festival is one of the most popular cultural events in Croatia and the best known film festivals of Southeastern Europe, devoted to international independent films.
The aim of the festival is to reflect diversity: esthetical, thematical and geographical. Its short program celebrates films standing out with their stories, warmth and innovation. MFF holds more than 30 open air screenings in Motovun, Buzet, Split and Rijeka.
From this 22nd edition, we proudly present that the festival’s short film programme has joined the EFA partner festivals network. In other words, festival winner will became a candidate for the European Film Awards in short film category.
In order to promote reginal films MFF is waiving fees for films from: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Slovenia and Monetenegro.
The main program includes some 20 recent works, feature films form all over the world. The Motovun Shorts program presents 20 films up to 20 minutes in lenght. With all the retrospectives and side programs, more than 100 films is shown.
The festival takes place in spectaculare settings, within the walls of the small medieval town of Motovun, nestled on a hilltop close to the Adriatic coast. The festival events take place in the town streets and squares.
The festival is known by its informal and relaxed atmosphere, without red carpets,
enabling direct contact between film makers and audience.
Every year it attracts some 25,000 visitors, mostly young people.
With its intensive program lasting daily from 10 a.m. to 5 a.m., with its concerts,
exhibitions and social events, Motovun has become known as a town that never sleeps
and has earned the festival attribute “Cinema Paradiso”.
In warm summer nights one can really feel good energy flowing through the narrow streets. It is carried by the young visitors staying at the camping site at the foot of the hill. It can be felt in the special atmosphere of screenings under the starry sky; in the music coming from all over the place.
Like in some boiling pot, all this blends in a short period of time – the festival lasts only five days – and in a small place: motion pictures, sounds, scents, tastes, legends... all that makes Motovun Film Festival.
Awards & Prizes:
The Winner becomes a Candidate for the European Film Award for Best Short Film

  • La chimera by Alice Rohrwacher: Main Program

  • Dry by Paolo Virzì: Main Program

  • Two by Riccardo Giacconi: Populism for Beginners

  • Hannah by Andrea Pallaoro: Main Program

  • The Daughter by Thanos Anastopoulos: Main Program - Fipresci Award

  • Il gioco by Adriano Giannini: Online

  • The Little One by Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel: Main Programme

  • Le quattro volte by Michelangelo Frammartino: Main Programme - Special Jury Award, Fipresci Prize

  • François by Iacopo Zanon, Dario Gorini: Motovun online

  • Giganti by Fabio Mollo: Motovun online

  • Bal-can-can by Darko Mitrevski: Official Competition (Award "From A to A" for the Best Film in the Region)