Tirana International Film Festival

21st Edition - Features and Shorts Film Festival

Tirana International Film Festival

when:September 23rd - 30th, 2023
address:Njësia Nr.5, Pall.1 Maji, Shk.18/54
Tirana 1022 - Albania
deadline:June 23rd, 2023
entry form:Submission at Filmfreeway.com

TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is the first international film festival and the only of its kind in Albania. This extraordinary cultural event created in 2003 is one of the most important cinematic event in Balkans.
TIFF aims to create in Albania, as well as in the region, a cultural center of worldwide alternative and independent cinema. Albania is a solar, enthusiastic and friendly country and besides the “strong competition” TIFF aims at the same time to be a meeting point of cultures, where people of Tirana, the guests and all those who love films will have a cinema-language-communication week.
TIFF aims to create a friendly space for film artists and cinema enthusiasts from Albania, Europe and the entire world to come together and share their linked passion and knowledge of the motion picture art form. The intention of TIFF is to bring filmmakers, producers and distributors from all around the world to Tirana, in hopes of fostering future co-operation in this interesting scenic area. By bringing together these distinct voices and their work, TIFF commits itself to introducing audiences to alternative visions of extraordinary diversity. "Think Different, See Alike" is the slogan and motto of TIFF.
• Feature Film (all genres)
• EYE on TIFF (debut feature film competition)
• Documentary Film (all lengths)
• Short Fiction films (Oscar® qualifying)
• Animation films (Oscar® qualifying)
• Video Art & Experimental
• Student films
• Balkan films (all lengths)
• In Albanian films (short films from all over the world in Albanian language)
Besides the competition program TIFF reserves a large space to the special programs and screenings. PANORAMA has some thematic programs dedicated to the most sensitive social topics and problematic social groups as for children, women, immigration, integration of persons with disabilities, LGBT, etc. with those sections: DIVERGENT MINDS; GENERATIONs; NEW WORLD; PARADE.
FOCUS is a special program, which is based on tribute or homage to the cinema author and/or the filmography of a given country.
RetrospecTIFF brings to the new audience the most prominent national or international authors of the film history.
REFLECTING ALBANIA is the oldest program of the festival, dedicated to the foreign filmmakers who have produced their films in Albania or in Albanian speaking territory. MADE In ALBANIAn is a program with the most recent films in Albanian language. BALKANorama focused on newest Balkan films.
FesTIFFal is a special program with selected films by festival partners.
TIFF provides time in its daily schedule for masterclasses and seminars with professionals in the motion picture industry geared for Albanian students of the cinema and emerging filmmakers.

  • A Georgian Toast by Giuliano Fratini: Documentary Competition

  • My Lake by Gjergj Xhuvani: Opening film

  • Selfie by Agostino Ferrente: Documentary Competition - Best Documentary

  • Timo’s Winter by Giulio Mastromauro: Short Competition

  • The Baby by Ali Asgari: RetrospecTIFF: Ali Asgari & Farnoosh Samadi

  • Delay by Ali Asgari: RetrospecTIFF: Ali Asgari & Farnoosh Samadi

  • Mercurio by Michele Bernardi: Competition Short Animation

  • Neverland by Erald Dika: Reflecting Albania

  • The Silence by Farnoosh Samadi, Ali Asgari: RetrospecTIFF: Ali Asgari & Farnoosh Samadi

  • Twin Flower by Laura Luchetti: Feature Competition

  • Blood and the Moon by Tommaso Cotronei: Documentary Full-length

  • Confined by Nico Bonomolo: Short Animated Films

  • La finestra by Silvia Perra: Short Student

  • Her World by Cristian Scardigno: Official Selection - Panorama New World

  • Imma by Pasquale Marino: Documentary Mid-length

  • Isabella by Claudio Pelizzer: Short Fiction Films

  • It's Raining by Ciro D'Emilio: Official Selection - Panorama New World

  • America by Alessandro Stevanon: Italian Short Center

  • The Awaiting by Roland Sejko: Special Event

  • Banat by Adriano Valerio: Official Selection - Best Cinematography

  • Chickenpox by Fulvio Risuleo: Italian Short Center

  • Index Zero by Lorenzo Sportiello: Official Selection

  • Kennels by Massimiliano D'Agostino, Gaspare Russo: Media Award

  • Orizzonti Orizzonti! by Anna Marziano: Italian Short Center

  • Persefone by Grazia Tricarico: Italian Short Center

  • SonderKommando by Nicola Ragone: Short Fiction

  • Sworn Virgin by Laura Bispuri: Official Selection

  • La valigia by Pier Paolo Paganelli: Italian Short Center

  • 9x10 novanta by Marco Bonfanti, Claudio Giovannesi, Alina Marazzi, Pietro Marcello, Sara Fgaier, Giovanni Piperno, Costanza Quatriglio, Paola Randi, Alice Rohrwacher, Roland Sejko: Special Screening

  • The Medicine Seller by Antonio Morabito: Feature - Best Film, Best Screenplay

  • Quiet Bliss by Edoardo Winspeare: Special Screening

  • Il gioco by Adriano Giannini: Short Fiction

  • Tarda estate by Marco De Angelis, Antonio Di Trapani: Features - Public Award

  • Uerra by Paolo Sassanelli: Short Fiction