Reykjavík International Film Festival

21st Edition

Reykjavík International Film Festival

where:Reykjavik (Iceland)
when:September 26th - October 6th, 2024
address:Tryggvagata 11
101 Reykjavik
tel:+354 850 3353
deadline:July 6th, 2024
entry form:Submission at

RIFF – Reykjavík International Film Festival – is one of the biggest and most diverse cultural events in Iceland. RIFF is an independent non profit organization. Our staff works all year round to organize the festival but we could not do that without the help of volunteers from all over the world that come to Reykjavík every year to help out.
For eleven days every Fall since 2004, Icelandic locals and tourists alike are able to go to the cinema and enjoy the best and freshest of international film making. Our guests can also meet and chat with directors about their works, attend panels and workshops, concerts and exhibitions, and even watch interesting films under even more interesting conditions, for instance in a swimming pool or in the filmmaker’s home.
The festival also manages the RIFF industry office, complete with a video library, information and guest services, and co-organizes networking meetings and dinners for the attending professionals. The festival shows a wide range of dramas and non-fiction films from over 40 countries. The festival highlights independent film making from all over the world with the emphasis on up-and-coming film makers, with the main prize – the Golden Puffin, being awarded only to first or second time directors.
RIFF was founded in September 2004, by a small group of film professionals and film enthusiasts led by Festival Director Hrönn Marinósdóttir, with the goal of presenting new and progressive quality films, supporting innovation in filmmaking, networking between professionals from various parts of the world and fostering social and cultural dialogue.
Our Program:
Over the last few years, RIFF has screened approximately 100 feature films from roughly 40 countries annually. For your convenience, they are arranged in a number of different categories that have solidified over time.
* New Visions (Grand Prix Competition) – is limited to the first or second films of up-and-coming directors.
* Open Seas (Out of Competition) – presents acclaimed films from many of the most talented and respected filmmakers of the world.
* Icelandic Panorama – opens up the world of Icelandic film production and showcases it to the outside world, thus building a bridge between Icelandic cinema and international film making.
* A Different Tomorrow – foregrounds films that help make us better citizens of the world.
* Documentaries – are becoming more and more popular. We screen movies about #music, #art, #culture, #world, #digital …
* Youth Program – dedicated to our young audience and provides film-oriented entertainment, education and experience.
* Focus On – We shine the spotlight on a national cinema; Last year we celebrated the centenary of Finland’s independence by shining a light on film production from our Nordic neighbors this year our focus will be on the Baltic countries.
* Emerging master – This section offers insight into the oeuvre of a filmmaker just gaining considerable ground. Our 2017 Emerging Master was Valeska Grisebach.
* Honorary Retrospective – This section offers a rare opportunity to see the classic films directed by each year’s recipient of the RIFF Honorary Award glint on the silver screen. Our guest of honour in 2018 is Jonas Mekas.
* International Shorts
* Icelandic Shorts

  • Call Me By Your Name by Luca Guadagnino: Creative Excellence Award: Luca Guadagnino

  • I Am Love by Luca Guadagnino: Creative Excellence Award: Luca Guadagnino