Naoussa International Film Festival

12th Edition

Naoussa International Film Festival

where:Naoussa, Grecia
when:October 21st - 25th, 2015

Last Edition

address:1, Katsoulaki str.
59200, Greece
tel:+30 23 32024617
fax:+30 23 32024637
deadline:April 22nd, 2015
entry form:Online Submission

The Naoussa International Film Festival (hereinafter “Festival”) is held in Naoussa every year and is organized by the Civil - not for profit - Company entitled “Naoussa International Film Festival”. The Festival adopts the digital technology, thus giving the young creators from all over the world the chance to promote their work in a high-level competitive festival. Today we are the biggest digital film festival in the Southeast Europe and the only Festival with state-of-the-art digital cinema equipment with 3D capabilities.

Participation in the Festival:
Each director has the right to participate with more than one film.
The film must belong to one of the categories below:
-experimental (video art, etc.)
-fiction / animation 3D (fiction or animation movies presented in 3D)
The subject of the films depends on the judgment and the inspiration of the creators. Also, there are no restrictions as to the shooting of the film.
For the process of selection the films must be sent in one of the following ways:
a) Via the post office in a DVD (PAL).
b) In a digital format (.mov, .mpeg2/.mpeg4, .wmv) through a free file transfer service (indicative The quality of the film must be at least similar to the quality of a DVD and the size of the file must not exceed 2GB.