2morrow / Zavtra Festival

9th Edition

where:Moscow, Russia
when:January 26th - 31st, 2016
Last Edition

2morrow/Zavtra Festival undergoes constant evolution, yet always remains committed to its own idea and tradition: discovering and presenting the films which contribute to the uninterrupted development of cinema art. Unexpected and unconventional, they are characterized by an original concept and unusual aesthetic solutions. They introduce new trends, forms of presentation, and a new perspective in the works by beginners, young filmmakers, top-ranked masters of the world independent cinema, and representatives of “borderline” arts. The festival program offers the guests and the audience a chance to attend the meeting with the authors and the creators and discuss their work with them directly. 2morrow/Zavtra Program is an art space for the films which have become the events which mark the cinematographic year, and the little masterpieces which sometimes remain unnoticed. It is a source of ideas and inspiration for the cinema of the future and the vector of development for modern auteur cinema.