Ariano International Film Festival

11th Edition

where:Ariano Irpino, Campania
when:July 31st - August 6th 2023
address:Corso Europa n. 43
83031 Ariano Irpino (AV)
tel:+39 0825-172-4310
deadline:May 31st, 2023
entry form:Submission at

The idea of a film festival in the magnificent location of the Irpiniashire, was conceived by a determined and resourceful group of friends. They are strongly convinced that film art , together with other arts, is essential to mankind cultural development, to consider himself not only as a single person but as a proactive human being for the progress and emancipation of his community.
Cinema, as figurative art, is not only a film sequence of events, stories and circumstances of human life, but it is also and especially the film camera that advances in the instincts and in the human hearth feelings, trying to reflect the inner desire and abstract tensions, as a sculptor which brings out an artwork from a raw stone.
Ariano International Film Festival has the ambition to be a melting pot of hopes, dreams, distress and adventures of human behave, to realize and to be aware of the inner true that is : "we are living here and now".
Competition categories:
Feature film
Short film
Web series
School short film