Double (first feature)

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Daniele Daniele, Emanuele Fulco, Giulio Occhipinti, Luana Esposito, Elisabetta Vacca, Kyara Maria Russo, Monica Andolfatto, Alessandro Villa, Andrea Caielli, Andrea Giglio, Natalia Panpols, Enzo Zammuto , Paolo Puleo


set design:

Roberta Montaruli


Fabio Valente


Enrico Cannizzo






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Ready (19/01/2022)

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Double works as a night receptionist in a hotel, and he is a theater actor. The company he is a part of is rehearsing a comedy. Double also has a special power: the power of invisibility. Thanks to this ability, he spends all his free time following others, coming into contact with the less visible sides of their lives and their personalities. He follows his fellow actors and spies on the customers of the hotel where he works. Except for theater and hotel work, Double has no social life, nor does he have friends.
One evening, he uses his invisibility power to attend the theater rehearsals. When the actors begin to rehearse the scene, what happens leaves him bewildered: played from start to finish, without his parts, the scene works just as well. Double comes out lost and disoriented. Was it perhaps the answer he was looking for? He ends up staying invisible and completely withdrawing from his own life.

Telling the superpower of invisibility stems from a reflection on the relationship between visibility and non-visibility, fundamental categories of our time. The character of the actor, a role that by definition becomes visible on the stage, experiences a contradiction when, invisible, he disappears from the sight of the world, becoming a mere observer. From here my reflection shifts to the meaning of the mask in an era and a society in which the mediated image and the construction of the personality mark us deeply. The way in which the film is made - and partly the film itself - stems from a path prior to filming that lasted a year, in which I followed a group of non-professional actors both on stage and in their lives. From the latter were born the plots that gave life to the screenplay then interpreted by the actors.