At the right time

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At the right time (Al momento giusto)

At the right time (Al momento giusto)

At the right time (Al momento giusto)

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Al momento giusto


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Livio Perozzi is a small-town hack who wants to become a successful television reporter. He lives with his grandmother Caterina and his best friends are his colleagues at Tele Luna: Gaetano the cameraman (Giovanni Cacioppo) and Serena the journalist (Kasia Smutniak) who is love with Livio and the extravagant Pacini (Carlo Pistarini) who lives from hand to mouth.
Life proceeds in this quiet fashion until Perozzi is suddenly presented with the chance of his professional lifetime. While filming a story of cultural interest, the Tower of Pisa falls down. Perozzi takes the bull by the horns and sells the material to TG1. He is the hero of the day at Tele Luna and Italy’s most important television channel wants to hire Perozzi.
There is a catch. The terms of his contract stipulate that Perozzi must have another scoop in the next twelve months. Perozzi goes to Rome but finding an exclusive story is not as easy as he thought it would be.
Neither is catching the attention of the curvaceous photographer Lara (Luisa Corna). Perozzi’s only chance is to invent a scoop (but the Rai thinks the story is a true one) that will change his life forever. Or will it?