Julian Schnabel - A Private Portrait

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Julian Schnabel - A Private Portrait

Julian Schnabel - A Private Portrait

original title:

Julian Schnabel - A Private Portrait

italian title:

L'arte viva di Julian Schnabel

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Julian Schnabel, Al Pacino, Willem Dafoe, Bono, Emmanuelle Seigner, Vito Schnabel







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The documentary starts with Julian who is preparing his retrospective at the Peter Brant foundation in Connecticut. During the installation of the exhibition, his dear friend Lou Reed dies (this actually happened). This painful event makes Julian to reflect about his life as an artist and as a man. His origins, the beginnings of his career, the artistic scene and his life in The eighties in New York, his desire to make films, his personal and artistic crises and all he has done over the last 40 years. All this told visually (footage from the past from his personal archive) and also through the stories of Julian, his family (wives, children, Sister etc), his first gallerist Mary Boone with whom he has had a turbulent working relationship for more than 10 years , friends as Al Pacino, Cristopher Walken, the artists of his generation and newer generation: Jeff Koons, David La Chapelle, Murakamy. His closest assistants. the actors who worked with him: Javier Bardem, Gary Oldman who played Julian in Baquia. In the main time Julian continues to prepare beautiful exhibitions in San Paulo and Miami Basel. Thanksgiving with the children, the holidays in Italy etc. Of course There Wil be also some funny anecdotes, stories and situations. After Lou Reed death, Julian organize a memorial with Laurie Anderson for his friend, in which participate and perform friends as Bono Vox, Hall Willner, Willem Dafoe and many others. The documentary doesn't want to be an ageographic portrait but a journey into the life of Schnabel as private as public.