Dancing with witches (first feature)

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Dancing with witches (Territori d'ombra)

Dancing with witches (Territori d'ombra)

Dancing with witches (Territori d'ombra)

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Territori d'ombra

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“Dancing with witches”, told with the structure and rhythm of a film “noir”.
The story revolves around Luca, Margherita and Franz, three people who have a common destiny and a violent past. Luca is a forty-year-old man who carries with him the lacerating memory of his youth destroyed by the repeated sexual abuse of his father. Margherita, also forty, is an assistant district attorney of Tolmezzo, where she is transferred from Agrigento after undergoing the latest, tragic Mafioso “warning” which scars her for life. Franz, forty-five, is the district attorney of Tolmezzo and has a dark past that ties him to the criminal activity of a certain Dolbecco. Dolbecco, incriminated in Milan for terroristic activities and absolved due to Franz’ testimony on his behalf, takes refuge in Carnia where, at the “house of a hundred windows”, besides catering to those who seek perverse sexual experiences, produces pornographic videos destined for the international pedophile market.
In the mysterious and magical panorama of the Carnia mountains, the relationship that takes place between the characters is one of the film’s focal points, the “noir”, that will take Luca and Margherita, both with different motives but one single passion, together on an investigative search to discover and dismantle Dolbecco’s criminal organization.
The other focal point intertwines with the previous one, that of a social drama on the sexual abuse of minors: there is the family that lives in profound material and cultural decay and sells their child to Dolbecco. There is the buyer of porno videos, the international trafficking on the Internet and also the relationship between a pedophile “in love” and a little girl neglected by her family and therefore feels gratified by his attention.