The Outsider (first feature)

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Marco Imparato, Maria Cuevas Perez, Antonio Panice, Moreno Mario Agnella, Valentina Violo, Amir Segal


Massimiliano Monnecchi

costume design:

Elsa Bonfiglio


Massimiliano Galli, Mattia Pittella, Vito Gatto





film run:



HD - colour

Milano, nowadays. Cristian is a 30’s employed at an agency as graphic-designer until short time ago, who has decided to quit due to his creative uneasiness and various intolerances, and who is now trying to look for his own way. Just this is the problem: he’s living such a moment considered by most as a limbo, when he doesn’t know neither how to make a choice nor what might he expect for the future. Steady and still in such a precariousness, Cristian lives day by day on a shoestring, he meets some friends attending the usual bar, drinking and philosophizing into the night: Willy, a dandy old comrade, joke always ready, who’s lifestyle is hearted; Sergio, an actor, a bit frustrated but highly cultured and a good close friend.
In the middle of this suspended situation Cristian falls in love with Greta, a girl speaking with Spanish accent, a little bit younger than him, who spreads a light and enthusiasm quite different from Cristian’s. He lives his love affairs, but, as often happens, “love is not enough”, and soon Christian himself calls into question his whole life and people belonging to it, in order to find serenity.