Storming Heaven

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Storming Heaven (Assalto al cielo)

Storming Heaven (Assalto al cielo)

Storming Heaven (Assalto al cielo)

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Assalto al cielo

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Exclusively made from documentary archive material, the film recounts the parabola of the youngsters who enlivened the extra-parliamentary political battles between 1967 and 1977 and who, with their passions and dreams as well as their violence and crimes, followed the idea of a revolution in an attempt to “storm the heavens.” Divided into three movements as though it were a musical score, the film expresses the feeling we have today about those years, and its choice of materials and editing mixes personal memories, history, moments for thought, and a wish for transfiguration.

I approached the mountain of material about the political battles of those years with great curiosity, but also with the fear of saying too much or too little, of having on the one hand “too much memory” and, on the other, “too little.” I managed to engage with the filmed material that I slowly discovered, though it was not always what I had imagined it to be, and it continuously made me change course and follow new paths. I soon became aware that I was instinctively attracted by material that favored an “internal” view, and I ignored the more institutional and manipulated films, as well as the speeches of leading politicians. I tried to tell a story from below... I thought of the film as a musical score and, even though I followed historical chronology, I edited by following the feelings I have today when evoking those years. I discovered that the material had its own “mood,” that there was behind it an idealistic aim that changed, shattered, and was slowly dissipated.